COC: Episode 2.1 July 17th, 2011, 4:26 am
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Top 3 Facepalms

Bowser vs Juggernaut......No, just no. Bowser is an incompetent fool who gets beat up by fat plumbers. Sure he may be a little strong and breathe fire but against the Juggernaut? He's going to die.

Goku vs Luigi.....A Super Saiyan vs A SUPER PLUMBER! The most epic battle ever? I think not.

Magneto, Master of Magnetism vs Megaman X, who's made of METAL. >_>......<_<.....unless he recently became human and 100% metal free, I think he's dead in seconds.

This is just the first of two comics today, I'll be posting the next fight later on.

Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 4:31 am

Posted @ July 17th, 2018, 2:08 pm

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nice you did a thing about my idea i said x vs magito becuse i wanted to see the most one sided fight ever and i did thank you for makeing my day with that i laughed so hard when i read that :D oh and keep up the good work on the comic its pritty good :D

Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 4:57 am


Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 5:04 am

Thanks alot!

Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 5:21 am

Hey, Bowser isn't pathetic! He actually got the Juggernaut down in moments!

Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 6:28 am

I was actually gonna omplain aboout this... but I can't help but laugh... even IF bowser is capable of growing to immense sizes (though usually with the help of something) he indeed is easy to mess with in the head, and throws temper tamtrums or gets easily distracted...

also, lol weegee.

Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 6:35 am

Look Bowser is WEAK

Megaman would lose in seconds, Luigi would get fried, and Bowser is not on the level of Superman, Hulk, not even Thing. When's the last time Bowser punched a hole in space and time? With a fart? Juggernaut is used to fighting immortal beings/gods on a regular basis. His powers are simply magical, even without his helmet, he still has his amazing power. Bowser doesn't know telepathy, so it wouldn't matter if he knocked it off. 3 for 3 ^_^ I win!

Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 10:03 am

True, the juggernaught does that, but Bowser survives lava baths on a regular basis, was once a living skeloten, knows magic (seriously) can grow to gargantuan sizes, become a giga version of himself, breath fire, scale walss with his shell, his punches can bring down buildings, his sneezes can do even MORE damage, his body is a civilization all its own, he can eat just about anything, eating meat has various effects, when he is angry he is even more of a threat, he has a shell that can withstand major attacks as well as be used as a counter due to the spikes, he's somewhat smart despite his stubbern and childish attitude, he almost stoped a speeding train before tripping on a rock, he defeated an entity of pure darkness, moved an island, his own weight caused a castle to fall over, his own family is deadly, came back from the dead lord KNOWS how many times, and the list goes on... and honestly, the juggernaughts main claim to fame was an internet meme...

Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 10:24 am

Juggernaut has been aound since the 60s, if read any of the comics you'll know for a fact that Juggernaut is ranked in the Top 10 as far being one of the strongest in the Marvel universe. But there is no plausible way for Bowser to win, unless he used outside interference. By outside interference, I meant the entire Koopa Army. Lol

Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 10:56 am

Yes I understand that but once you factor in the votes, it becomes one sided. I tend to stray away from such battles because more people are less likely to vote when they already know the outcome. Example: Megaman vs Servbot, Peach vs Rogue, Spider-Man vs Robin, etc. I tend to like how the votes are going because those are the only fights that were one sided. On all the other fights, the votes were closer and each character had a fair chance of winning.

Posted @ July 17th, 2011, 11:28 am

...When was the last time juggernaut survived a fall into the sun?

Posted @ July 18th, 2011, 7:51 am

I don't know, but those things are sure:

-The Juggernaut is weak against psionic attacks.

-The only way to effectively kill him is total molecular disintegration.

Posted @ July 18th, 2011, 11:02 am


You cant really say that when Bowser has been Mario's nemesis for over 20 years. Even if Bowser was thrown into a black hole, Nintendo would come up with some goofy way to bring back to life.

Posted @ July 18th, 2011, 1:00 pm


Posted @ July 24th, 2011, 12:29 pm

@CarnageRulez312: but i thought x have a time stopper thingy and magneto is still kinda human so he can die from aim shot......... but it just sprites so anything can happen

Posted @ July 15th, 2012, 8:17 pm